The Happier Meal: Cheeseburger Pocket Fold Toasterdilla

 Active time: 5 min Cook time: 3-6 min Serves: 1


You don’t have to be cool with us. We love Happy Meals, too. Who cares if you’re a million years old now? Nothing beats a delicious cheeseburger with your favorite toppings.

We've “adult”-erated this one a bit by swapping that squishy bun with a crisp tortilla, but the rest of it? Yeah, it’s a pretty close match to what you remember loving as a kid. It doesn’t come with a prize, but maybe you can serve it with a cheap plastic-something from your kid’s room. You know, just to keep it authentic.   



  • 1 (12-inch) flour tortilla
  • 4 oz. ground beef, browned and drained (Or chop up some cold burgers!)
  • ½ cup cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1/2 of a yellow onion
  • ½ cup of mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 tsp. butter, optional
  • Ketchup and mustard for dipping



  • Brown your hamburger meat on the stovetop over medium heat until thoroughly cooked. Drain and set aside.
  • Melt some butter or olive oil over medium heat in a skillet.
  • Add chopped onion and mushrooms and cook until brown and tender (about 5-7 mins).
  • Take off the heat and set aside.


Now build your quesadilla. We recommend a maximum of 4 ingredients or less for optimal toast through.

  • In two quadrants across from one another, place a handful of cheese on the tortilla. Don't forget to leave a little gap in the center, this will help fold it together later. 
  • Add the cooked hamburger meat onto one pile and the caramelized onions and mushrooms on the other pile.
  • Fold one side to the center of the tortilla and do the same on the other side.
  • Bring the bottom half up to meet the top and fold the tortilla in the center.

Prefer to make this as a Triangle Fold? See how HERE!


  • Now put it in the panini press and close and lock the press. Wipe around the outside of the press to clean off any drips with a paper towel. 
  • Place the filled Panini Press into the right slot of your Revolution Toaster with the handles facing out.

Now make your next selection based on the model you have:

        LOVE IT.

        • Serve with a side of ketchup and mustard. Enjoy!


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