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Way Beyond Breakfast


Every toaster needs me

Create melty grilled cheeses and crispy quesadillas with the Revolution Toastie Press™ accessory. Works in all standard-slot-size toasters.

Revolution Toastie Press

Revolution Toastie Press

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Here are just a few of the creations you can make faster and easier with your Revolution Toaster.
Bagel with cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, and dill.
Better toasted bagels with smart settings that crisp the top and warm the bottom
Cookie on warming rack.
Heated cookies as good as fresh-baked, with the Warming Rack accessory
Chicken, waffles and syrup.
Fast and fluffy frozen waffles with our customized setting
Cheeseburger style toasterdilla.
Melty quesadillas with our Toastie Press accessory right in your toaster
English muffin with avocado, shaved hard boiled egg, and red pepper flakes.
English Muffins, perfectly crispy on the outside and soft in the middle
Revolution InstaGLO R180 toaster with warming rack and croissant.
Warm croissants, muffins, and pastries on the Warming Rack accessory
Toast in Revolution toaster slots.
And of course, toast, exactly the way you like it!
Grilled cheese next to panini press accessory.
Classic grilled cheese, fast with less cleanup, with the Toastie Press accessory
Toasterdilla with egg, avocado, bacon, and cheese.
Fast and easy breakfast paninis when you're rushing out the door
Open faced peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chip in panini press accessory.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with some melted treats
French onion soup inspired panini.
Your favorite classics, melted to perfection.
Toast, lox, avocado, and cream cheese in a checkered pattern.
Elevated favorites with perfectly toasted artisan bread
Peggsto toast with a fried egg and prosciutto.
Avocado toast is brought to a whole new level

Our Favorite Glowing Reviews

Over 1,000 5 star reviews on Amazon

“This ultraglam toaster is the best thing since the stuff that goes in it.”

“I upgraded my old toaster to this high-tech one and I’m never going back.”

“Anything toasted in the R180 seemed not nearly as dried out as in our existing toaster… The Smart Toaster really does make better-tasting toast”

“TikTok made me buy this fancy toaster, and I regret nothing.”

“It's certainly not the cheapest toaster out there... but perfect toast is undeniably priceless.”

“One of the best new home gifts for young adults.”

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InstaGLO heating system logo.

The first breakthrough in toasting technology in over 100 years


Toast in a fraction of the time of standard toasters.


Toasting algorithms for up to 34 bread types, with sensors that adjust in real time, to make toast, bagels, waffles and paninis exactly the way you want them.


InstaGLO® toasts the outside without drying the inside, like searing a steak, to deliver the perfect crunch while leaving the inside tender and full of flavor.

Revolution toaster. Girl holding a bagel to her eye, toasting with a glass of champagne with bagels floating around her - DesktopRevolution toaster. Girl holding a bagel to her eye, toasting with a glass of champagne with bagels floating around her - Mobile

Who knew waffles and bagels could taste so good? And it's always consistent! This is the best appliance we have in the kitchen. Awesome purchase.

CJ Clarke - Verified Purchaser

Perfect for holidays, weddings, new homes and more.

Give the gift that delights every single day.

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