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Article: Spritzes and Sandwiches


Spritzes and Sandwiches

Round 1: Aperol Spritz & Mozzarella, Pepper, and Arugula Panini

By: Tomlin Cicci

rev cook toaster

Grab your Revolution Toaster (or any toaster) and your Toastie Press!


Trader Joe's haul! All the ingredients I got to put in my Toastie Press.

  • French rolls
  • Baby arugula 
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • 1 Pepper


Start by cutting your bread in half. 


Cut a few slices of mozzarella and place on one side of your bread. 


Cut up your red bell pepper and place a few slices on top of the mozzarella. 


Place both sides of your bread in the Toastie Press and close it. 


Put your Toastie Press in the right side of your toaster and wait for it to heat up. 


End up with a beautiful, golden brown panini!


Remove one side of the bread and put your desired amount of arugula on top of the other ingredients. 


Add balsamic if you would like or just eat it plain!

drink ingredients

Time for the cocktail! Here are the ingredients I grabbed. 

  • Aperol
  • Peach prosecco
  • Lemon soda water 


Final product in no time- enjoy!!

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