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Article: Bobby Ingersoll's Steak and Dill Toastie


Bobby Ingersoll's Steak and Dill Toastie

What You Need:

Who Created It:

  • Bobby Ingersoll


I am Firefighter/EMT in Chicago where I live with my beautiful wife, dog and 2 cats. I used to only bake but I learned how to really cook at the firehouse, and I have never looked back. We love to travel and try new cuisines from all over the world!

How to Make It:

A fast, filling, firehouse favorite!


  • Put all your ingredients on either side of the bread slices. 


  • Put the sandwich inside the Revolution Toastie Press and close it well. 


  • ENJOY!


Have you made the Steak and Dill Toastie with your Revolution Toastie Press? Post a photo on Instagram and tag @RevCooking!

Introducing the Revolution Toastie Press

Because big appliances are a big pain.

We’re going to assume we don’t need to sell you on the idea of a panini. Who doesn’t love the melty-deliciousness of a pressed sandwich, right? But big appliances are, well, a big pain. You need to lug them out, they can be hard to clean and they take up valuable counter space. This Toastie Press attachment is our solution: Simple, compact and super easy to use it gives you the sandwiches you love, minus the mess and hassle you don’t.

  • Heats up quickly: Deliver the toastie of your dreams in seconds not minutes. (Learn more about our safe, eco-friendly InstaGLO technology here!)
  • Easy to clean: Wipe down with a sponge or pop it in the dishwasher.
  • Small footprint: Stash it with your coffee, in your bread box or just sit it in the toaster when not in use.

Faster. Smarter. Tastier.
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