Say goodbye to 19th century toaster tech. Say hello to InstaGLO™

The Problem.

Antique Tech In Your Modern Kitchen

Do you know why toasters are so slow and inconsistent? We didn't, until our frustration with long waits and burnt toast inspired us to do some research. It turns out, conventional heating tech such as the "Calrod" (invented early 1900's) and Nichrome wire (invented late 1800's) are found in nearly every oven, toaster oven and toaster today, and are painfully slow to reach full heat. If you've ever wondered why your oven takes 20 minutes to warm up, and your toaster dries your toast to cardboard consistency, it's because you're using the countertop equivalent of a museum exhibit.
That insight, combined with an unfaltering love for the perfect crisp, set the Revolution Cooking team on a mission to reinvent this long forgotten appliance.

The Solution.

InstaGLO™ Technology

The Revolution Cooking team was formed in the innovation hub of Boston, MA, combining a team of high-end appliance industry veterans with tech entrepreneurs who sport a keen eye for problem solving. After 5 years of R&D, we created InstaGLO, a faster, smarter heating technology set to change the way you experience toasting...nay, cooking, forever.

Revolutionary Speed,
Revolutionary Taste

InstaGLO heats up and toasts in a fraction of the time of conventional toasters. High speed allows InstaGLO to crisp the outside of your bread without drying the inside - like searing a steak - for a crunchy surface and soft interior. The key to perfect-tasting toast

Reaches full heat almost instantly
Cools down much faster than traditional tech
Fully programmable, precise temperature control
Custom alloy heats evenly, for edge-to-edge browning

Under the hood

To create the InstaGLO system, we had to invent two crucial components

1. Mastering The Element

InstaGLO is made of a proprietary alloy, formulated by world class metallurgists for minimal time-to-heat and maximum heat transfer. We engineered this advanced alloy in a highly efficient vector pattern and curvature to direct the heat. The result is nearly-instant full temperature, and a more efficient heat transfer rate than any other cooking element. Without this innovation, our toasting algorithms would not be possible.

2. Building In The Brains

Unlink traditional heating elements, which are either on or off, InstaGLO is programmable and adjustable in real time. So we programmed hundreds of toasting algorithms for different bread types, and built in a temperature sensor which triggers real-time changes to heat intensity. When you see InstaGLO elements turning on and off during toasting, that's the system making live adjustments to achieve the perfect level of browning.

And we’re just getting started

Our customers say we’ve created the best toaster ever. Beautiful, fun, easy to use, and best of all, delivering the perfect crisp while locking in moisture and flavor for the ultimate toasting experience. But for us, this is only the beginning.

While we continue to lead the toaster industry with a small but passionate team, we’re constantly inventing new ways for InstaGLO™ to vastly improve other cooking experiences.