Heating coil technology is 100 years old. You and your family deserve better.

– Tom Klaff, CEO

Welcome to the Revolution!

We’re Revolution Cooking.

We’re here to liberate today’s consumers from yesterday’s technologies. And provide a dynamically different cooking performance that delivers mouthwatering meals every single time. In a fraction of the time.

Starting with the way you toast food.

Look, we’ve all had to deal with sub-par toasters and disappointing results – whether it’s scorched bread and pastries at home, or standing in line at work during “Bagel Mondays,” waiting forever for some meager toaster to do its job.

Well as far as we’re concerned, those days are over. Twentieth century toasting technology is a thing of the past. It’s a new day, and new days deserve radically improved appliances to help you start them.

So come experience our new R180 toaster. Taste the difference the right technology can make. You’ll never miss the way things used to be.

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