The world’s first 2-slice, high-speed smart toaster.

  • Heats up and toasts in a fraction of the time of conventional
  • Browns evenly and locks in the flavor deliciously.
  • Intuitive touchscreen customizes toast settings
    and preferences.
  • Specific settings for toasting breads, bagels, English muffins, waffles and toaster pastries.

$299 .95

Free Shipping.
Product features:

2-slice toaster with exclusive diamond-shaped heating system

5 food settings

7 toasting shades

3 toasting modes

Adjustable brightness and alert signal

Auto lift and lower

Countdown timer

Removable crumb tray

Clean crumb tray reminder

Analog or digital clock with date

Brushed stainless-steel finish

Smart algorithm control system

Model: R180


Product dimensions:

Toaster: 11.6” L x 6.1” W x 8.4” H

Weight: 6.4 lbs.

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Marsha C.

Very efficient toaster that doesn’t keep you waiting for your toast, and user friendly. The timer is a fun feature that makes the time go by faster. Bagels fit perfectly and don’t have to be forced in.

James S.

Easy to use. It took about 90 secs to toast. The food is crispy on the outside and holds the moisture/freshness on the inside. There are several options to choose from on the intuitive touchscreen based on the type of food you’re toasting. The toaster does not burn the food. However, it is too pricey for a toaster.

Lauri C.

State-of-the-art toasting capabilities. Next gen. Everyone will want this. If you don’t have this in your kitchen then you are missing out on the correct way to toast.

Casey T.

Slim model takes up less counter space; large screen is easy to read and see with or without your glasses/contacts. Quick toasting time a PLUS!

Greg B.

#1 is the speed and consistency of the toasted product. It’s like the Toaster KNOWS! LOL I tried different types of product in the toaster and each time the consistency of each type was spot on. I was impressed with how quickly and efficiently the toaster toasted my bagels, pop tarts, and waffles. No more burned bits of toast in the bottom of the toaster – it let me know when I needed to empty the tray! So easy!

Victoria B.

The toaster toasts everything in a FRACTION of the time. You only have time to take out your spread and butter knife out before the toaster is finished toasting your bread/english muffin, etc. Loved the design and the touch screen feature

David C.

Nice feature to select which specific item you’ll be toasting and the toasting level with a digital touchscreen that counts down as it finishes toasting. The instructions that say to face the product inward could be more prominent. One thought is to have an indicator of the full range of toasting levels by color.

Susan R.

My bagel was perfectly toasted on the outside, and still light and fluffy on the inside. Hands down, the best toasted bagel I have ever eaten.

Rick B.

The toaster impressed me very much which how now the design was. It was very easy to use. Even included pictures of what your toast would look like vs just a number.

Sean B.

This toaster has a Smart technology screen with a variety of user settings. It was very easy and intuitive. My bagel toasted perfectly in a fraction of the time other toasters usually take. There are different options for each different food type (for example bagels, waffles, etc.). This makes toasting easy, fast, and allows for the perfect amount of toasting for various products. I definitely recommend this toaster!

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Found on toaster bottom near power cord.
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