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Faster. Smarter. Tastier. The Story of InstaGLO®

top down of toaster with heating coils on, glowing orange

It all began with InstaGLO®, the first breakthrough in toasting technology in over 100 years.

Working with MIT and Wentworth engineers, appliance product gurus and the world's foremost experts in alloys, after 4 years of designing and testing we created what we now call InstaGLO®.
InstaGLO® heats up and cools down instantly, enabling much faster cook times and programmable on/off cycles. It can also direct heat to focus areas to deliver the perfect crunch to your toast without leaving the inside dry. A true game changer with endless possibilities for heating and cooking applications!
So why InstaGLO®?
We've unlocked a better toasting experience through speed. Imagine how much quicker your morning routine would go. We've all had those mornings where we wake up a little later than we planned and chaos ensues. The thought of making a breakfast on the stove seems impossible, but luckily you have Rev Cook, no pan necessary. Making a hearty, quick and delicious breakfast has never been easier. Avocado toast? No biggie. Toasted breakfast sandwich? Piece of cake. Breakfast toasterdilla? No problem. 
Here are a few of our favorite quick Revolution recipes for those busy mornings...
The Green Machine: Avocado toast with vegan cream cheese, cucumber, and dill. Clean, green, and simple. 
bagel with cream cheese, avocado, and cucumber
The Grate Escape: Avocado toast with grated egg. Top with some red pepper flakes to spice up your morning. 
English muffin with avocado and grated hard boiled egg. toaster in the back